SHAFSTON的模範生,Mr. M,將分享給台灣學生,他在SHAFSTON的成功學習英文的經驗。

    考取3張國際英文證照:Cambridge CAE TOEIC 910分及Cambridge Business!!

他的STUDY PLAN非常值得參考!!!


GE(20 from Level 3 to Level 6) ,下午選修TOEIC

→ Cambridge CAE (12)

→ IELTS (5

→ Cambridge Business (10)

→ GE (5

以下就是他的英文學習心得分享,他才花30分鐘就完成這篇文章唷!! 大家給他拍拍手。。。


Please let me introduce myself first. I am one of the Shafston students and have been studying here for about 11months. I started the General English course first, and level 3 was my first level. Although my English was so poor, I managed to pass the level up test with a single shot from level 3 to level 6. After that, as I thought I needed to try more difficult things, I changed my course to the CAE course. Recently I have received the result and which says I passed it. After finishing CAE, I moved to the IELTS course. Although I did not take the exam, it was good time to study a different English area. And currently I have been in Business Cambridge course. According to my long experience, I would like to give you some advice for studying English this time.


To improve English abilities must be the main purpose of every student in Shafston. Nevertheless, there are always some problems with studying English. Therefore, it is common that a student eventually give up studying hard.


First, it is obvious that students would like to be able to speak or write, read English well. However, probably they are not sure about their goal, and this fact may cause confusion. Although I often hear that someone would like to speak English fluently, it is not clear that how well or fluent he would like to do it. Personally, I believe most of students in Shafston do not find difficulty talking in daily life, whereas they may feel so in business scene. What I would like to emphasise is we should always keep our goal clearly.


Secondly, in my opinion, there are so many students who dislike doing a routine task such as revising, reviewing or learning vocabulary. It is clear that some people are not able to do it due to their job, which is acceptable. Otherwise it is absolutely essential to do the tasks above regularly. To keep doing that kind of things is of course not so easy, though.


Finally, when we face problems with studying English, it may not be a good idea to blame on teachers, classes or schools. Although they can be a main reason, in my view, usually facts are related to ourselves. How about analysing our weak points instead of complaining?


All in all, studying languages is a definitely hard way and perhaps it would take our entire life to master them. Therefore, let us study little by little, shall we?

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