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Mr. M利用Shafston學校圖書館的豐富資源,天天快樂學習英文,他每日借閱一片「英文電影」(3個月搭配字幕,之後就不需字幕了,可模仿電影對白),有時候,會同時借閱不同英文LEVEL的「英文有聲書」,不但聽力進步非常多,而且從電影裡受了很多西方文化的陶養,以及增加跟外國人聊天的話題。他的多益910分不是一日造成的,是有效運用資源學習,我們來看看他的文章分享吧!!!


Hello! I am happy to write an article here again. This time, I would like to talk about how to keep our motivation for studying English.


In general, it seems that students are able to study hard in the short term. However, it may be not easy to do it for a long time like a half year. In my opinion, English should not be regarded as just one of the subjects for studying. In other words, English is a crucial way to communicate with people. Therefore, I believe there are many ways to improve English skills, apart from just studying on your desk.


In my case, as I am not a kind of person who can keep studying hard without enjoyable things. Consequently, I have tried various methods for brushing up English. Seeing movies is one of good examples to explain this topic. Luckily, there is great deal of them in the library of Shafston. So far, I have seen over 300 movies, and which is absolutely helpful, especially to understand slang and idioms.


As well as this, I have read a great number of books, although they are not difficult, perhaps for level 1 to 3 students. Moreover, I chose the books with CDs to enhance my listening skill at the same time. Personally, it was clear that they were so useful.


In the end, the point is how we can continue to study with pleasure. I would not like you to just persist in studying English. Please find the best way to get on well with English in some way.

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